In recent years, the development of international trade among countries has significantly increased. In 2014 Italy imported £355B of goods, becoming the 10th largest importer in the world.

During the last five years the imports in Italy have increased at an annualised rate of 3%, from £306B in 2009 to £355B in 2014. The most recent imports are led by crude petroleum which represents the 8.14% of the total imports of Italy, followed by cars, which account for 4.91%. In 2014 the United Kingdom exported to Italy a total of £10.2B: cars (13%), packaged medicaments (6,2%), aircraft parts (2,6%), crude petroleum (2,5%), vehicle parts (1,7%).

The challenge that Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati Law Firm has assumed, over the last three decades, consists in providing a closely connected group of experts able to offer adequate and effective legal advice to international clients that wish to undertake commercial connections between Italy and foreign countries.

Efficiency is our primary concern in order to offer the best service for each of our clients, from the smallest to the biggest.

We have always believed and we keep believing that a team is better than an individual player.


About the Law Firm

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati is a leading International Law Firm established in 1995.

The head office of B&F is located in Milan and in addition our network includes offices in Bergamo/Treviglio and Palermo, our legal assistance covers the whole territory of Italy, additionally boasting significant connections throughout the harbors in Europe and USA, as a result of significant partnerships with other prestigious international Law Firms.

In fact, B&F is steadily in touch with correspondents abroad, since the Law Firm is corporate member of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

The members of the firm belong to various international organisations, among which the London-based International Bar Association, and the Salzburg-based Center for International Legal Studies. They also attend regularly international conferences organised by these organisations across Europe as speakers and moderators and publish essays and papers for these same organisations in law reviews and books.

We assist our clients both in court proceedings including higher courts and in arbitration procedures with legal representation. We also provide legal assistance in out-of-court proceedings and in contracts in the following fields of expertise: 

     1)  Italian and International Commercial Law;

     Scales Image2)   Corporate Law;

     3)   Bankruptcy Law;

     4)   Employment Law;

     5)   Succession – Wills - Inheritance Law;

     6)   Trusts

•   Family Trust – Family Governance;

•   Trust and Estates;

•   Security Trust;

•   Voting Trust;

•   Trust project Financing.

     7)   Real Estate;

     8)   International Litigation.

While providing legal counseling to its clients (mainly companies and natural persons operating in the industrial, commercial, tourism, translation, insurance, navigation, transportation and financial sectors and clients in succession cases) across the country, the law firm has established a network of correspondents for a more timely and effective action and to optimise the costs of the legal proceedings filed on behalf of clients.

Moreover, the firm belongs to a network of European and international law firms with which it has been collaborating for several years now through stable cooperation also in litigation in Italy and abroad on behalf of Italian clients. This organisation allows for customised strategies that best meet the needs of our clients.


 Areas of practice

1. Italian and International trade law: negotiation (letter of intent, confidentiality agreement), drawing-up and review of national and international purchase and sale agreements, including long-term supply agreements, licensing and technology transfer agreements (both EU and extra-EU), joint-venture agreements,  agency agreements, distributorship agreements, consignment stock agreements, and commercial transactions in Italy and abroad; both contractual and extra-contractual civil liability relating to matters linked directly or indirectly to business in the EU and in extra-EU countries, including liability for default in payment in commercial transactions, insurance issues, transportation liability, loss and theft of goods, third-party injury due to accidents also at sea.

2. Corporate law: the firm deals with the incorporation of companies, alterations, mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance (liability of company bodies especially with regard to relations with the shareholders and holders of company shares) and provides counseling and assistance in court and out of court in every level of jurisdiction.

3. Bankruptcy law: the firm can boast a long experience in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings by providing assistance to creditors in procedures for proof of debt and bankruptcy rescindment and in any other aspect relating to bankruptcy proceedings.

4. Employment Law: the firm provides legal assistance both in court and out of court especially with regard to agency agreements under Italian law, international agency agreements and contracts with executives and employees.

5.Succession, Wills, Inheritance Law, for several years now the firm has provided legal counseling and assistance in hereditary successions, distributions, settlements, dealing with the inheritance of Italian citizens, including real estate located abroad, and the inheritance of foreign citizens, including movables and immovable, stocks and bonds, and bank deposits in Italy

6.  Trusts :

Various cases of by way of example:

•  Family Trust – Family Governance;

• Trust and Estates;

•  Security Trust;

• Voting Trust;

•  Trust project Financing.

7.     Maritime Law – International Shipping :

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati Law Firm represents clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts involving international shipping law and carriage of goods by sea; advising also in relation to all related insurance aspects.


8.1   Litigation:

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati can assist and represent clients in all cases of litigation. Most of our lawyers are admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Courts. Our lawyers are also specialised in obtaining recognition and enforcement in Italy of foreign judgement under the applicable domestic rules and under bilateral and multi-lateral conventions.

8.2     International litigation:


Italian Court recognition and enforcement of judgements made by Foreign Courts:

A)     Judgements made by Courts of one of the member state of the European Union

• Council Regulation (EC) 44/2011 OF 22 December 2001

• Regulation (EC) 805/2004

B)  Judgement made by Courts of on a non – EU Country

• Law number 218 of 31 May 1995 amended by Legislative Degree N. 150 of 1 September 2011


International Rogatory ordered to Fulfil in Italy

Aa) Rogatory ordered by Courts of one of the member State of the European Union (Reg. EC 1206/2001)

Ab) Rogatory ordered by Courts of a non- EU Country

Conv. Hague 1954

Conv. Hague 1965

Conv. Hague 1970

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